Working Mom - How To Balance Life While Raising Your Son

In today's world, it can sometimes feel like being a stay at home Mom is a luxury. But also, many women feel a sense of fulfillment in working and would not have it any other way. For both reasons, many of the Moms in the Dr. Leslie Inspires community are working mothers. So in this post, I want to discuss a challenge experienced by many - balancing it all as a working Mom.

If you've decided to maintain your career while raising your son, whether by choice or need, you'll find yourself to be extremely busy, but there are ways to make it work. Your reward will come from not having to worry about re-entering the working world once your children have grown up and you can continue saving for retirement in your own 401(k).

Creating a Timeline and Making a Strategy

If you talk to most working Moms, they'll tell you about their unique methods of time management and planning. Creating a routine that works best for you is essential.

Here are some helpful hints for working moms:

  1. Make a schedule for the first few hours of the day. Do some of your morning tasks the night before if you don't like getting up in the morning. If your children aren't old enough to dress themselves, plan on spending some time getting them ready for the day. And when you can, sit down for breakfast as a family before the day gets underway.
  2. Schedule events in advance. Make a list of things you have to do after work in a planner. Planning ahead of time helps you get all of the important things in without overlooking what matters to you. Think about things like play dates, grocery shopping, errands, and even time to connect with your friends
  3. But remain flexible. Everything will not always go as planned. There will be times when you need to reschedule things for a different day. And that's ok! Maintaining a flexible schedule is essential if you want to keep your stress levels at a minimum when juggling work and spending time with family.

Keeping a Hands-On Approach

Moms who work full-time often worry that they don't get to spend as much time with their children as they would like. However, if you focus on making the most of the limited time you do have with your children, you will remain an active participant in their lives. It doesn't matter if you're not there every second, because you're still making a huge impact on their life.

When you get home from work, make time to do something enjoyable with your son. Even if he prefers to be left alone for a while, with your presence and effort, you can still show him you care. When you're having dinner together, that quality time is valuable, and you can always get him involved in family games or activities.

Taking a Breather

To avoid burnout, it's crucial that you arrange regular breaks for yourself. You surely deserve a "spa day" every now and again. With many of the women I coach, there's a common theme of feeling like you spend all of your waking hours at work or worrying about your son. Maybe you can relate? That's why I always recommend making the time to do something you enjoy, whether that be reading a book or spending time with your partner after the kids have gone to sleep.

Nourish Your Relationships

Spend one-on-one time with each of your family members. Don't forget about your companion in the midst of life's ups and downs, and nourish your bond. In terms of your son, giving him individual attention allows you to get to know him, which in turn helps you build a long-lasting relationship.

Being a working Mom isn't easy. I commend you for donning your invisible cape with pride because you really are a superhero in the eyes of your son. It is my prayer that these tips help you create balance between your work and your home life.

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