The Importance of Making Friends As A Mom

When you have a supportive network, it's a lot easier to face the hardships of motherhood. You may want to expand your circle of friends even if you already have a good group of girlfriends because having a support system is essential.

Sometimes making new friends can feel as awkward as dating, and you’re already pressed for time and energy when you’re caring for young children.

Make your time spent with other moms more fruitful and less stressful by using these tips:

How to Meet Other Moms

  1. Think local. Make an effort to find women that live close by so that you can keep in touch frequently. Ask around or look online to find out where parents socialize in your immediate area.
  2. Make your intention known. Let your loved ones and coworkers know you're interested in meeting more parents. Who knows, maybe they are connected to other families with children the same age as yours. 
  3. Check online. There are websites and apps for meeting other Moms. Check places like various Facebook groups,, and other local organizations.
  4. Visit the park. The more traditional methods of meeting people are still effective. When your son is most calm, take advantage of the playground's swings and slides. There will be other Moms there for you to connect with.
  5. Hit the gym. Gyms and exercise studios are popular places for mothers to go. 

Tips for Cultivating Mom Friendships

  1. Take the lead. If you find another mother who appears to be a good friendship match, don't be afraid to make the first move. You never know, she could also be looking to meet new friends and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  2. Make a habit of it. Connect with others by going to the same places at the same time every day. After the morning rush on weekdays, you might want to stop by a popular coffee shop or become a regular in the same yoga class.
  3. Make plans for a playdate. When you and another mother get along, offer to set up a play date and stay connected. This is a great way to get to know each other while your children play.
  4. Set aside some time for adult talk if you're craving it. Having a chat while your children are sleeping or going for a walk together with your kids in tow in strollers is helpful.
  5. Be open to new ideas. Friendships you make as a mother could be very different from the ones you made as a young adult. While it's exciting to find out you have a lot in common, you might welcome having someone to talk to at work or to share information about daycare centers and family movies.
  6. Forget the comparisons. Social media can make Moms feel even more compelled to look perfect like you have it all together. But remember, the most gratifying relationships are ones in which you feel free to be yourself. Enjoy your uniqueness rather than slavishly striving to meet a fictitious norm.
  7. Find a mentor. Parents with more expertise or a parenting style that you appreciate may be particularly helpful to connect with. Such examples from real life can teach you a lot.

Make the process of meeting new moms less stressful. As you grow your network, you'll not only gain the validation and support you need, but you'll also be helping other mothers gain those same benefits. The most crucial benefit is that you'll be better prepared to raise your son.


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