12 Ways To Improve Your Son's Self-Confidence

When your self-esteem is strong, everything in life is better. Things that are already good appear to be greater and challenging things are easier to endure. Your Son is in the same boat. A child with strong self-esteem will do better in school, be less likely to use drugs or engage in sexual activity, and be generally happier. Low self-esteem affects people of all ages.

You have a huge impact on your Son's self-esteem as a Mother, so make the most of your influence!

Assist your Son in developing healthy self-esteem by:

  • Make sure your Son has the tools he needs to succeed. Give him a worthwhile assignment that you know will provide positive results. Success begets confidence, which promotes further success. Give your Son chances to succeed on a regular basis.
  • Make a celebrity wall. Trophies, report cards, favorite artwork, ribbons, badges, and other accolades can all be displayed here. When a wall of fame is on display every day, how could anyone not feel proud and confident?
  • Keep an eye on your Son's friends. Some of his friends are more considerate than others. Make an effort to lead him toward other children who are kind and helpful. Find a technique to minimize the amount of time he spends with children who aren't as supportive.
  • Allow your Son to have some control. When he has the opportunity to feel in charge of some aspects of his life, it's easier to develop strong self-esteem. Giving your child choices is the simplest method to prevent a fight, but the choices must be made by you. "Do you want a banana, apple, or orange with your lunch today?" rather than "What do you want to eat?" is a better question.
  • Love him no matter what. Making your Son feel less loved because of disobedience or a mistake is a mistake. Of course, you have to handle bad conduct, but don't stop showing him love because this will impact him long-term in ways you may not imagine.
  • Show care and attention. Ignoring your child essentially communicates the message, "You are not important." Don't let technology or work become a barrier between you and your Son. Sometimes this means setting boundaries with your phone and making sure your child feels seen and loved.
  • Normalize being imperfect. We all fail. It's a fact of life. Teach your Son that it's ok to make mistakes so that he won't feel the fear of owning up to them. Mistakes are not something to avoid at all costs, but actually an important experience in learning and growing. 
  • Give praise, realistically. Be generous with your praise. But be honest. Your child can tell when his artwork of a horse actually looks like a pig! 
  • Set objectives with your child and work together to achieve them. Your Son's objective may be to tie his own shoes or to get an A in math. Teach him to work toward his goal on a daily basis.
  • Have faith in yourself and trust that God is leading you. In front of your child, the more confident and at ease you are, the safer they will feel. Your Son is looking for clues from you. If you're clearly uncomfortable in a situation, He'll sense that and take on those feelings. Set a positive example for your Son.
  • Refrain from labeling. When your Son does something wrong, address the behavior, but don't label the child. It's better to say that lying is bad than to label your Son a liar. When we begin placing labels on our children at a young age, they internalize them and it can last a lifetime.
  • Show your love on a regular basis. Every day, show your Son that he is loved and respected. That way, he doesn't begin searching for love, attention, and direction in the wrong places.

It's never too early to begin building your child's self-confidence. Providing a solid foundation for your Son can help you avoid a lot of problems during his adolescent years. Act now, while your youngster is most receptive. You may not be able to influence every event your child has, but you can influence enough of them to make a significant effect.

Many of my clients with adult Sons have reached a point where they feel like it's too late to change their Son's behavior. But it's never too late to change how you react. Whether your Son is young or old, you can put strategies in place to create a healthy relationship with him while maintaining your own peace of mind. Click here to learn more about my free breakthrough sessions where I support Mothers in transforming their relationship with their Son.


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