Are you in a codependent relationship with your son?

When you are in a codependent relationship with your son, it is just the beginning of losing control of your life. Click the button to take the quiz to find out if you are in a codependent relationship.

Everyday "clinginess" and codependency are two different things. Codependency is a state of emotional and behavioral being that impacts your ability to sustain a positive, healthy, and fulfilling relationship with your son and the other people in your life. While it may sound harmless, codependent relationships are often emotionally, spiritually, and financially destructive.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You always need to be in control of every single thing concerning your son

  • You experience an excessive need to please your son

  • Parenting brings on a lot of stress and anxiety

  • You lay awake at night worrying about your son 

  • Your other relationships suffer due to your concern with your relationship with your son


Codependency is a LEARNED behavior, which means it is possible to UNLEARN it. At Dr. Leslie Inspires, we help Mothers learn how to reset and transform the relationships that have robbed them of their happiness throughout the years. Take the Codependency quiz to find out if you are experiencing the signs of codependency, then allow us to help you learn a new way!

About Dr. Leslie Inspires

Dr. Leslie, a former public school educator is the founder and CEO of Dr. Leslie Inspires, a for profit company and Rescue My Son From Me, a non profit company, as well as Solid Foundation Christian Academy in Stone Mountain, Georgia. While working with families in public and private school settings for over 20+ years, Dr. Leslie has encountered many fragile relationships between African-American mothers and their sons. Between the raising of black boys who find it difficult to become men to the boys who lack personal responsibility and end up in the US Prison System, the need to help black mothers stop enabling their sons and cultivate healthy relationships with them has become more clear.


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