Transforming The Relationship Between You and Your Son


Transforming The Relationship Between You and Your Son


Hi Mom,

I'm Dr. Leslie.

I empower Moms to take back control of their lives from their sons. Using my unique blend of experience, I use a proven process to help women create a positive transformation in their mindset, relationships, and health.


Many Moms Believe Their Issues With Their Sons Are Unique, But They Are Not.


You Are Not Alone.







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Of the many Moms I have been blessed to help, they come to me for help for a variety of reasons:

  • She needs someone to talk to and vent her frustrations that are coming from home, particularly her son.
  • She feels like she needs someone with more experience and knowledge to help her fix her son or help her to deal with the stressful situation.
  • She wants support from someone who is easy to talk to and who understands her and her problem. 
  • She needs a neutral person to get help from because her relationship with her son is putting a strain on her marriage. 

It all starts with you. And your readiness to do the work to change your life. But you are not alone. I’m here to help.



“I just wanted to say your book has confirmed for me so many things in my personal struggle with my middle son and the behaviors I see in my pre-k classroom. I will be purchasing your book and giving them to Moms that need this wake-up call. My mom brought the book to me around 5:30 pm and I am just about 3/4 done. I teach at an all boys Cleveland school and this message is so needed.”

Pam Poindexter-Crews

"Thank you Dr. Leslie for following the Lord’s leading and establishing this platform that is allowing moms and sons to connect heart to heart and share their stories. Our pains, struggles, triumphs and victories are meant to be shared so that we can help others on their journey through this thing called life."

LaHoma McCardell

"She Is Clothed With Strength And Dignity; She Can Laugh At The Days To Come."

Proverbs 31:25

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